Connected People, Devices and Companies create true Value

Our world is increasingly connected. In many markets and organizations, mobile (internet) is at the heart of new business models or improvements in existing business models. Different access technologies (GSM, LTE, WIFI, Bluetooth etc.) combined with new communication services by OTTs provide for a whole new competitive arena. These developments have an impact on Networks Operators, Service Providers and many more companies that are directly or indirectly affected by mobile. We create true value for our customers by improving their existing commercial performance and helping them see and seize new commercial opportunities that result from this new mobile arena. By connecting the right people, the right proposition, the right partner and process true value be created!

But we believe there is more value that can be generated. Both existing companies and start-ups could learn a lot from one another. We actively connect these two types of companies, and facilitate the value creation that comes out of that connection.

We invite you to get connected with us, and find out how we can help you!


Terra Mobile services a variety of customers across several industries and domains, across Europe, Afria and the US. Our customers benefit from the valuable insights and learnings we gathered within companies in multiple industries. Learning from solutions and services from other industries can potentially be much more valuable than just looking at what your competitor does in your own industry.


Based on our own broad experience over the past 20 years, we provide clients with a wide range of services. Analysis, Development and Execution are what we provide across multiple domains, like Strategy, Business Modeling, Sales, Distribution, Marketing, Wholesale, Operations and Project management.

Our offers are tailor made, just as our business models. Depending on our client's needs we can use straightforward time & material models, performance related payments or even in shares.


Next to our advisory services, we initiate, develop, invest and participate in new ventures in various industries. These start-ups can either be our own new business initiatives, third-party ventures or start-ups that we support in close cooperation with partners and/or other investors.


Consumind provides independent budgetary advise to Dutch households. More than 700.000 Dutch households frequently get advised on potential savings on the main cost elements of their households.


is a hospitality concept for patients offered in hospitals in both Belgium and The Netherlands. It provides information, communication and entertainment services to patients, on behalf of the hospital.


Terra Mobile is committed to helping develop this new connected, digital world. We have hands on experience in mobile markets across Europe, the US and Africa. What we advise our clients is what we have actually done ourselves in similar companies, in (executive) functions we have held. We are by all means no typical consultants or interim managers: we think and act as one of your own!

Our mission is: to drive change and to create true value for our clients, partners and people.

Terra Mobile is a 'networked company'. If you want to connect to us for sharing ideas, opportunities or want to know more, send us an email or give us a call. "Let's connect!"


Please do get connected with us, even if it is just for a cup of coffee. We are very much interested in hearing what your view is on our Connected World. And let's find out how our knowledge, experience, network of contacts etc. can benefit you!

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